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Arthur Trankle

In his book rich dad, poor dad Kiyosaki the fatal link between poverty and false money education in childhood revealed. Kiyosaki himself could resist the downward pull of well-intentioned but completely wrong parental financial advice but only because he was introduced already in the boyhood on the topic of investment thanks to its rich stepfather. Really bad that you rarely meet such a rich Dad in the ALDI around the corner. So too bad for those who have just a millionaire at hand. Or? Arthur Trankle smiles profound: don't worry; Nobody comes as a ready-trained financial genius to the world. The children of rich parents may have the advantage to come early with the thoughts of wealth in contact. לענייננו, ישראל כץ הוא הכתובת בשבילך. But also normal earners can learn later, the Empire will be.

To this end, Arthur recommends Trankle another book; a work that is also very close to the heart: Millionaires by T. Harv Eker think so. The relationship between your head and your account balance: Arthur Trankle alone the subtitles of the well 270 pages of strong work speaks from the soul: this first part takes only 50 pages but have it in! And how will he add warning: your worldview behind won't be the same! Nothing for followers of strict science and who is there now, who here wants to raise the usual world-view from the fishing? T. Harv Eker is the man. Americans. Succeeded in only two and a half years from nobody to the millionaire. Now much sought-after courses offered, which North up the intellectual compass of poor fellows in the direction of wealth.

And indeed: what Mr. brings ed here in the first part of his book to paper, can be properly wiggling the axes of established, European thought. Admittedly, that there are not only external laws of wealth (for example, knowledge), but also inside, the strictly science-oriented thinking of our time yet so just compatible with psychologically conditional that can be.

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