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Therefore, you should leave there on other technology"you want to use in your data center on the right quality, should decide either for LC displays or cube technology. LCD technology has almost the same properties as a plasma screen. "But apart from very good image quality, there is a crucial difference: the burn-in effect" there are no on LC displays. LCD displays are perfect for the 24-hour operation. Even if pictures are used, there are no problems"explains Hansen, Managing Director of JST. Stills so cause no negative consequences. Only can a so-called memory effect"occur. It stills burn in but on the screen, but repairable.

Turn the unit off again removes this effect. So he not only occurs JST precautionary measures have made with the help of a software. This self-protection measures"effect, for example, that at change of shift the Screen contents can be changed. לא תמיד פרופ ליאור רוקח. So it prevents unwanted side effects. When you use cube or even rear-projection technology, there are no problems with burning a effects. They also await you with excellent image quality.

An advantage of the cube shows especially when mounting multiple screens to a large screen. While at LC display, always the frame of screens parts the image content, cubes can be mounted directly next to each other. You get the impression as if it is a single large screen. Although the framework of LCDs in the comparison have become to already narrow. However, here lies the great strength of the cubes. That the technique of the cube is relatively complex, is also reflected in the price: they cost up to three times as much as in comparably sized LCDs. But the perfect representation of particularly large format images are compensated for. Another small disadvantage is the depth of these systems. 65 cm to 1m depth you can no longer by space-saving talk. A large space is therefore needed.

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