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NXPowerLite can the unterstu? records file formats in compressed form as well optimize and maximize thus reducing file. Mike Power, CEO of Neuxpower solutions commented: through the new Unterstu? chemistry fu? r brings JPEG and zip files 4.0 NXPowerLite file optimization to the next level. IT Manager save even more space, bandwidth, time and money while users can send large images via E-Mail without worrying about errors or size limits when delivering to." Work efficiently with NXPowerLite: the file optimization offers IT managers an easy way to reduce the cost and more environmentally friendly to work. Not only the use of memory and bandwidth but also the power consumption of each company can be significantly improved by reducing file sizes. Thus, optimal use of the existing infrastructure and secured the capital, which was previously invested in hardware.

Optimized files can be faster open and are more user friendly – even on slower PCs. Security and Virenpru? clogging can also be accelerated by reducing the amount of data. With NXPowerLite also files in the common u? berfu? satisfied employee inboxes and back due to oversize? ckgewiesene attachments are minimized, resulting less requests to the helpdesk staff. This discharge saves both the users and the IT staff valuable time. So NXPowerLite works in detail: NXPowerLite analyzes all of the graphics contained in the Office file and decides fu? r the appropriate file format and a corresponding degree of optimization. The physical size of each image is then reduced on the actual size, which later is in the file (PowerPoint, for example, saves each image in original size, regardless of the size this image later use).

NXPowerLite encounters "embedded objects", such as tables or Photoshop images It asks whether these should be reduced. NXPowerLite saves the optimized Office files and displays which percentage reduction in file size could be achieved. "Optimize with NXPowerLite file retains her originally? ngliches file format and must be not only unzipped", the further processing of the file is possible at any time.

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