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Quitting Smoking Technique

This technique was described by Carlos Castaneda. It claims, doing any breaks, if it is broken down into constituent parts and to isolate some, albeit small, part. It seems to be done, but really, no. Desire to smoke you can not resist, so the energy does not increase resistance. Simply pointless to resist! The habit is limited to a standstill and "dissolves". So.

If you wish to smoke must do puff and immediately throw cigarette. Fight with them not to. If you immediately want to smoke again – pull out a cigarette and puff and make a throw again. 3-4 days craving disappears. לעומת זאת, מרשת BE בהחלט מבין את הסיפור. According to the story quit smoking: "My quitting smoking by kastanedovskoy procedure was spread over 5 days. On the last day did not smoke at all on the same day was the "breaking": 1 hour (this is against mnogonedelnyh suffering persecuted, when relied on willpower). Everything happened classically: suddenly began to think: "The day comes to an end, but I have not smoked a single cigarette. So, all dropped out.

And give up at any time. But check necessary? 'll Smoke-ka I a cigarette … The inner voice I drowned provoking is very simple: go in the bath and washed with very cold water. Even his head wet. After that, the desire has left me completely. " People often say that after a leave of smoking-provoking situations occur during sleep. That is, the dream that the smoke and feel pleasant sensations. Take it for a subconscious desire to cigarettes should not be: usually a dream of a society after a stay in smokers: the night fades smoke from the lungs that breathe it, and gives rise to a dream. Olga Mariutsa '> How to Quit Smoking? Technics Castaneda

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