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QUICKYGAMES – The Game Begins!

"a new world of cross-media Call-In Games naughty, March 31, 2009 – under the unusual name of Quickygames" a new form of interactive Call-In sweepstakes goes on 01 April for the first time on German TV on the air. Because of date you might think it an April Fool's joke, but the production company Pocketfilm media entertainment, which is also organizer of the small, fast games, guaranteed the viewers best interactive entertainment. Quickygames"relies on a Call-In game principle, which is very different from the conventional, hours Call-In broadcast formats. Quickygames"entertainment is pure, quick, funny and always different. At the beginning of the game, a small short film introduces the candidates who compete in the sack race, wheelbarrow races or three leg run.

The audience has to tap the opportunity on the winner of the game. With a paid call, he can leave his tip on the candidates of his choice until the resolution of the game. Is the audience with his Tip correctly, he automatically in the draw of a lucrative day – weeks, – money -, material prizes participates. "This is one of the key points, what is Quickygames" as Call-In format is different from the conventional profit shows. Each caller can leave his tip, all correct entries have a chance to win. The participation itself costs little more than sending a postcard with 50 cent. 01.04.2009 is at 20:00 in North Rhine-Westphalia, further send starts coming soon TV.

Pocketfilm media entertainment sets overarching broadcast of its fast games on a nationwide and Europe. This is the company with several European TV channels and television companies in contact with, and producing even matches typical content. In the near future, the company plans the spread of its games on other cross-media distribution channels such as mobile, radio and print. For those who don't want to wait on the broadcast in the TV Pocketfilm media entertainment offers the possibility, also online at Quickygames"to play with. Under Internet users can participate in regularly changing games. The company was founded in 2005 by Dr. Thomas Lutzenrath, Gerrit Neuhaus and Harald Thoma Pocketfilm media entertainment based in Frechen, near Cologne. Aim is the development and implementation of new media formats, which are distributed through the channels of TV, Internet, mobile, and print at the same time with full interactivity. "Pocketfilm media entertainment can be reached in the Internet under: quick games of Quickygames" can be found on the Internet at: for more information: Pocketfilm media entertainment Gerrit Daniel Neuhaus head of press office Pocketfilm + 49 (0) 2234 92 44 600

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