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The new software Babylon mobile fulfilled his dream of many people of the simple translation and reference on the road. Wikipedia, translator and dictionary in your computer are indispensable some. But on the road, the comfort of your computer is missing. In the meeting, business lunches, in the car, or in the evening in the wine bar: most people always have their phone ready, even if the notebook stays at home or in your pocket. Thanks to Babylon mobile they can close their voice and knowledge gaps through an unobtrusive input on the mobile device. Munich – many computer users is Babylon for ten years a term: Babylon is the program with which they quickly get its translation or definition by clicking on a highlighted word, regardless of what program or document they are. The appropriate translations and definitions to the term appear immediately in a sleek drop-down window. The new version 7 recognizes the context in which the word is, and are therefore particularly targeted the desired information.

The result: No spelling errors and no waste of time more on the search for the right word or the correct translation. And if time is missing a Word, one simply enters the search term using the keyboard in the Babylon drop-down window and even the translation is supplied. With Babylon Babylon mobile transmits this ingeniously simple principle now on Smartphones and Pocket PCs. the only condition: there are Windows Mobile and an active Internet connection on your mobile device. Uncertainties, halting conversation in a foreign language and awkward gaps in work and private life can be avoided through Babylon largely mobile. The most interesting possibility is certainly the word that at stake, simply enter in the mobile device. You touched the blue green Babylon icon on the screen of the mobile device and the wanted is a word in the box.

Almost always, the answer can be found in over a thousand reference books, covering more than 20 languages. Is connected among other things the Wikipedia, whose enormous knowing mobile is now everywhere on the road easily accessible thanks to Babylon. Also important: The Babylon dictionaries are updated regularly with the most modern vocabulary of economy and technology, as well as from the vernacular. Who finds incomprehensible SMS or email on the mobile device, learn quickly appreciate mobile Babylon. He just pulls the mentioned Babylon icon on the word in question. It opens the Babylon window with the corresponding translation or definition. In Babylon Mobile for Pocket PC even whole sentences can be according to this scheme, and translate paragraphs to understand texts in languages that are less familiar. And it's in 17 languages: German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Hebrew, Chinese (traditional and simplified), Dutch, Russian, Korean, Turkish, Arabic, Farsi, Polish and Ukrainian. Just like the Babylon-click on a questionable Word am Computer in almost every conceivable program and document work, makes more understandable mobile on Smartphones and Pocket PCs Babylon every imaginable kind of documents: not only emails and SMS messages, but also Web pages, PDF, Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents and instant messages.

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